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QuickGene screenshot
QuickGene screenshot
QuickGene screenshot
QuickGene screenshot
QuickGene screenshot
QuickGene screenshot

QuickGene is a molecular biology program for DNA analysis, assembly and cloning. We scientists deserve decent, modern software that doesn't require manuals or training courses to learn to use and that's where QuickGene comes in.

Built by scientists for scientists, its goal is to be exceedingly user-friendly and intuitive, while making no sacrifices in functionality and incorporating all necessary functions in a single application.

regular updates keep
QuickGene up-to-date

We're constantly working to make this a reality, introducing new features every month. QuickGene aims to be the absolute best while remaining affordable to everyone and constantly improving!

explore great new ways to
create, visualize and share
your research.

QuickGene already tackles all the basics of sequence analysis and introduces a number of great improve­ments.

The clean, tidy interface provides extensive sequence information exactly when and where you need it as well as offering the best search tool available. Fly through schematic sequence maps with navigation tools similar to those found in Google Maps and leave your enzyme catalogs on the shelf, as all restriction enzyme and buffer information is kept up-to-date!

save time & money
with smart innovation

You can easily communicate your ideas from within QuickGene and we love to read and discuss every suggestion. Only with feedback will we be able to reach our goal of creating the best software to date with all the features you need. Your help is instrumental in this process!