One version for everyone

As long as you have access to the internet, you can rest assured that you have the latest, greatest version of QuickGene. No extra purchases, upgrades, downloads, or installations are required. Automatic updates ensure that you're always running the most recent version, adding new features, improvements and repairs. QuickGene takes care of itself, giving you one less thing to think about.

Easy-to-use, clean, friendly design

The interface is designed to be as intuitive as possible. No one likes hunting through menus to find useful features and neither do we. That's why we put extra effort into making everything logical, eliminating as many menus, buttons and windows as possible with no loss in functionality. Want to know the melting temperature or GC content of a part of your sequence? Just select it!

Constant development, steered by you

We work hard to continue to innovate, add new functionality and make QuickGene even more intuitive. Major updates with great enhancements are provided nearly monthly, meaning you can see it develop right under your nose. You can even let us know what you want, simply by rating popular ideas from within QuickGene or submitting your own. We build what you need!


One of the reasons we started building QuickGene was due to our own frustration with prohibitively expensive software and the low quality and functionality of alternatives. QuickGene is for every researcher, whether you're a lone student or a Nobel laureate with a fifty member lab, and we believe that everyone deserves great software.

Interactive restriction maps with intuitive navigation

Restriction maps have just gotten better! Quickly turn features on and off, check enzyme reaction conditions and zoom and pan as you would with Google Maps. Maps also provide an extremely useful overview of subsequent recognition-sites simply by holding the cursor over an enzyme, highlighting all other sites. You'll wonder how you lived without it!

Up-to-date list of restriction enzymes

New restriction enzymes are discovered regularly, quickly making enzyme lists included in software out-dated. Using QuickGene ensures that your research can be conducted with the latest additions to your enzyme supplier's catalog. You don't have to touch a button; QuickGene updates its database fully automatically, putting every enzyme at your disposal.

Extensive restriction enzyme information

The enzyme database isn't simply a list of enzymes. It includes optimal reaction conditions for each one, including the reaction temperature, heat-deactivation temperature, methylation sensitivity, star activity, and buffer activity in buffer systems from over a dozen enzyme suppliers. You can even set up your preferred supplier to see the recommended buffer and temperature by holding your cursor over any enzyme in a sequence or map!

Simple, robust search engine

QuickGene proudly contains the most robust search engine in any sequence analysis software. It searches while you type and, on top of that, it's mind-bogglingly simple to use! Simply type your search query in the search field, regardless of whether you are looking for an enzyme, genetic sequence or translation and QuickGene offers all the results neatly organized in tabs. Furthermore, they are displayed within your sequence and maps, each clearly indicating its direction and strand. Naturally, you can set up specific options if you wish and all ambiguous bases (such as S for C or G) are supported.

Reading frame highlighting and translation tables

Forget trying to determine which amino acid starts at which base in your sequence: simply holding the cursor over any reading frame shows you immediate, clear highlighting of the corresponding triplets. Naturally, translations tables can easily be changed or used for reference.

Create, edit and stylize features

Annotating your sequence is a breeze with QuickGene, allowing multiple ways to create and edit features. Don't be bound by preconfigured feature types, but select your own styles and colors! Furthermore, you don't need to worry about your file being too complex or containing too many features. QuickGene is the only software capable of handling thousands of features in a single file. If your current software crashes when opening that million-nucleotide, annotated GenBank file, you'll be surprised to find that QuickGene happily snaps it up!


QuickGene is powered by a robust plug-in system, meaning every function you see is part of a plug-in we have built. This not only means that we will continuously be creating new functionality, but that in the near future, anyone with knowledge of the easy Java programming language will be able to make their own, custom plug-ins. This makes the potential uses for QuickGene limitless! You can offer your plug-ins to the rest of the research community, helping to make even better, more functional software.

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